At Kardem, we embrace the philosophy of “Lifelong Learning,” undertaking initiatives aimed at consistently enhancing our employees in professional, individual, managerial, and leadership domains.

Our Learning and Development Policy

• Striving for a proper equilibrium between the time devoted to our training programs, their prevalence, and the quality of implementation throughout the organization
• Crafting our training initiatives with a “digital” focus, emphasizing social interaction and practical applicability
• Implementing the micro-learning approach as needed to optimize time efficiency and effectiveness
• Considering the developmental needs and expectations of our employees
• Developing our processes with a forward-looking perspective on evolving competencies
• Hosting training sessions that go beyond theoretical frameworks and seamlessly transition into practical applications
• Embracing an interactive training methodology that actively involves our employees in the learning process

Our Learning and Development Process Steps

• We initiate the year by formulating a training plan aligned with our strategy, focusing on development areas, and incorporating emerging trends.
• We develop each training session within the plan, addressing elements such as the choice of trainers, content, environment, and duration.
• We regularly assess the effectiveness of the provided trainings, identifying opportunities for enhancement.
• We invest in training our internal instructors, enabling them to deliver sessions within the organization.
• We facilitate collaborative development programs with external partners such as universities and vocational and technical high schools.
• We provide ongoing support to our employees through coaching and mentoring initiatives.

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