In order to provide lasting contributions to the global value chain in the textile and apparels sector, and to support sustainable development, we embrace our corporate responsibility as well as the Global Development Goals.

We continue to invest into textile and environment technologies throughout our operations.

Even the first brick of the plant was laid in an environment-friendly way, as 1.5 million cubic meters of clay unearthed during the excavations for the construction were recycled as bricks. We proceed on that road, with environment-friendly investments.

As of 2020, we implemented the Solar Power Plant project to contribute to the fight against the climate crisis at our Keşan Plant. Thanks to the 1.5 mW Solar Power Plant we set up on a plot of 10,000 m², we produce all the electricity we use, and thus intend to prevent 900,000 kg CO₂ emissions in total.

The solar panels covering 44,66 m² and generating 29.86 kW on the roof of our headquarters produce hot water, and thus save 3,078.6 m³ of natural gas, and contribute to our goal to prevent 6,510.16 kg CO₂ emission.

We monitor water consumption with digital water meters installed at all water intakes, and take required measures based on consumption recordings.

The Smart Management Platform PowerHUD is in place, gathering end-to-end power consumption data using IOT equipment, employing “Machine Learning” technology to analyze energy consumption, and thus maximize energy efficiency and recovering energy for use in production processes, through a systematic approach.

In our washing unit, we use a washing machine based on technology to ensure energy efficiency as well as lower water consumption and faster turn-around times.

Our sewing machines are equipped with servomotor technology ensuring energy savings.

We use the hot air produced as we use our compressors, to heat the environment and to produce hot water, using a heat recovery mechanism.

We collect rain water and feed it into the recovery cycle.

We use LED lamps achieving 65% energy savings, for perimeter lighting purposes, as well as the lighting of our offices and factories.

We use automatic water dispensers to prevent loss of water.

We believe a sustainable world can be achieved through investments focusing on the future, and making sound use of technology.