At Kardem, we foster a familial atmosphere that highlights not only the work itself but also the camaraderie among colleagues. This is reinforced by a robust internal communication strategy and vibrant social activities.

Our Internal Communication and Social Engagement Policy

• Embracing a communication style that is sincere, open, continuous, and bidirectional
• Cultivating and sustaining a culture where our employees feel free to express themselves
• Utilizing digital channels appropriately and effectively in communication
• Offering our employees environments conducive to sharing beyond the workplace
• Infusing enjoyment and motivation into our work through diverse social activities
• Engaging in social responsibility initiatives to impact a broader segment of society

Our Internal Communication and Social Engagement Policy Steps

• We notify our employees about our strategic priorities, yearly achievements, and Human Resources practices.
• We gather regular feedback from employees through various channels such as surveys, pulse polls, employee representatives, suggestion boxes, focus group studies, and one-to-one interviews.
• We create our annual social event calendar and regularly share it with our employees. We celebrate special days together.
• We offer environments to support the individual needs, hobbies, and sportive activities of our employees.

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