We take a strict approach to the field of “Social Compliance”. We keep at the center of all of our processes the understanding of “Decent Work” by taking as a reference legal regulations, international treaties, industry standards, customer rules within our facilities and supply chain.
SA 8000

Since 2019, we have in place the universal standard SA 8000, which is considered a true benchmark for Social Accountability.

With the help of our Social Performance Team comprised of employee representatives from all levels, we continuously review the SA 8000 process, and reinforce our operations in the light of the views and support of our employees.

Through the guidance efforts and reviews we carry out at our plants, and with our suppliers, we focus on;

• Preventing child labor, given our awareness of the need to devote childhood years to education and development rather than work, and the fact that child labor risks the chance to raise productive adults out of children, sustains poverty and social inequality, puts in peril the reputation and productivity of our country, as well as export figures, at a global scale,

• Preventing enforced labor and discrimination, given our awareness of the fact that they can lead to psychological and physical problems for, and social alienation of individuals, and everyone deserves work under equal conditions, regardless of one’s language, religion, race, gender etc.

• Rendering Occupational Health and Safety culture a life style, given our awareness of the fact that an environment where health and safety requirements are met is among the fundamental needs and rights of every individual,

• Guaranteeing the employees’ rights regarding pay and work hours, to allow the employee achieve a good standard of life for her and her family,

• Setting up the mechanisms to allow the employees freely voice their wishes, complaints, and recommendations, without risking retribution.


We believe that discrimination against and abuse of women and girls should be put an end everywhere.

• We consider the “Equal Treatment of Women at Work” certificate received as a result of the audits our plants underwent, and

• The “Stronger Together” project implemented in cooperation with our customer Inditex, and AÇEV,

As an outcome of our sensitivities and determination regarding Social Gender Equality.