We support the use of recycled raw materials, and farming based on sustainable agriculture practices which cut back on fertilizer use, which provide a humane work environment (preventing child labor or illegal employment, and protecting the rights of workers etc.), which maintain fiber quality, which do not harm soil and natural habitats, and which ensure effective use of water.

In this context, we are a member of BCI (The Better Cotton Initiative), and we have OCS (Organic Content Standard) and RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) certificates.

Taking into consideration the physical effects our products may have on the end user, we use the restricted chemical lists stipulated by the regulations and by our customers as points of reference when we choose the chemicals to use. We apply relevant chemical control strategies.

We apply internal testing compliant with applicable ISO standards and the standards required by the customer, at our duly equipped laboratories.

We implement safe production procedures in order to prevent any harm caused by our products on the end user, and to prevent drowning, tripping, and cut risks. We support the application of the procedures through the training and auditing practices we offer for our employees.