Ahmet Zeki Erdogan born in 1959; General Manager of Kardem since 1990.

Graduated from the School Of Management. He has over 30 years of experience in textile industry.

He is a member of The Board of Directors of the Turkish Clothing Industry Association.

Mr. Erdogan’s own words:

There is a statement of Albert Einstein, which I like quite a lot “Imagination makes the world go round”.

It’s been 13 years since year 1999, in which I first read the book “Business @ the Speed of Thought” and started to imagine. We strived with great effort to establish and develop the digital nerve system mentioned in that book. We are still progressing, with firms steps forward, on the road towards being a flexible and rapid company that has its organizational focus on its clients, approaches them proactively, adding value to all its business partners. We are sensitive towards the environment and loyal to our

ethical values.

I’d like to thank all my business partners and employees for their support.